22 \June 2022
Anyone wishing to attend John's Funeral it will be held on Monday 11th July at Gornal Crematorium DY3 2RL at 10.20am

01 June 2022
It is with sad news to inform you all that John Cartwright passed away on Monday due to a heart attack, John known as Viking John will be missed by his family and friends
he was a member of the Club for about 15 years and his models were liked by eveyone. I will inform you when I know more.

04 January 2022
Please note that our monthly meeting have commenced again the dates will be on the calendar page.

05 December 2021
Just a reminder that the AGM is on the 15th December at the Action Center in the park unless Covid rules change

03 April 2021
The club can now meet up at the pool please remember the current rules. If more turn up limit your time on the water and move away to give others a go. There is no news on when indoor meeting will commence.
The Links on our links page have been checked unfortunately some have gone.

24th March 2021
I feel sure that most of our members have had there first Covid Jab and are looking at the covid restrictions very carefully, hopefully we can all meet up again very soon.

This year has been a strange year with Covid 19, there has not been much sailing and all inside meetings have been cancelled we will have to wait until next year to see if they commence. Members now meet by the poolside following guidelines as normal. Some  links on the links page have now been removed because they no longer work they must have sadly gone out of business. Anyone wanting a fibre glass hull checkout Orion moldings from the link page the do a number of hulls for various models.

25th November 2020
Just to remind you all the club fees are due now for next year they will be £25 this is because the MPBA have reduced member fees because of COVID 19 this is for one year only. Its good news about vaccine's soon to be available perhaps we can get back to some normality next year.

19th October 2020
Covid 19 update, As we all know there is much confusion on the regulations regarding the 3 tear restrictions due mainly to the MSM please follow this link to the .gov website where you csn find out what restriction are it place where:

13th September 2020
Please remember that from Monday 14th September the government rules on how many people can meet is 6 so please be aware when meeting at the pooside to social distance 2m or more if possible.

1st September 2018
 It is with sad news that Ivan Price sadly passed away on 1st September 2018. Ivan was a founder member, and Chairman of the club until he became ill. Ivan will be missed by his family, the club and it's members our thoughts and prayers go to his family.  His funeral will take place at Stourbridge Crematorium on Tuesday 18th September at 2.50

1st January 2017
Happy New Year to all our members, hopefully the club will continue to grow as last year we now have close to 40 members with more wanting to join us. Please be reminded than from March we can only use the Lake on certain days due to the wildlife's breading season.

12th December 2016
The AGM will be held on the 14th December at the usual meeting room. Please remember that the annual subs are due on the evening, this is important to allow the MPBA fees to be paid before the end of January 2017 members not paying might forfeit there membership.

01st December 2016
It is sad news that Bob Hutton has passed away it is not known of what at the moment he has been a great member of the club and will be sadly missed.
The AGM is to be held this month but unfortunatly the room is in use on the day of the meeting another day will be arranged and will be posted here and members will be notified by Email where possible.

22nd August 2016
As we all know the park was finished in May and we have been using the new facility since, Than is until the the local ( call them what you like )
decided to have a bonfire on it last weekend destroying it. The local authorities have been notified as the have been a spate of arson attacks in the park over the last few weeks. We believe evidence has been found to whom is behind it. It is not known if the platform is in a safe condition to use until after the investigations are completed but severe repair work will have to take place. We might have to use the Arboretum until repairs are carried out.
Here are a few photos

A new link has been placed on the links page to Orion Mouldings worth a look at.

21st March 2016
I have been told that the work in the park is due for completion on 29th April. Work on our plaform is progressing but the area's around it needs a lot of work, new railings have been errected
along the new walls and reeds planted in various areas the plug has now been replaced and the lake is slowly refilling.

9th February 2016
An update on the venue for our monthly meetings.  Our monthly meetings will now be held in the Activity Center in Mary Stevens Park on the 3rd Wednesday of the month as usual.
Parking is available on the Stanley Road car park opposite the park entrance drinks will be available. We would like to thank Alan and Bob for arranging this location.
The annual lunch was enjoyed by all the members that attended over 30, our thanks to the staff at the Bodenham Arboretum for a warm welcome and meal.

16th September 2015
The Lake is now being drained and is no longer suitable for sailing. Bob and Alan have been to Bodenham Arboretum near Wolverley, Kidderminster, DY11 5TB and we can use there lake, bring your club pass to gain entry  No fast boats. We will meet on the same days and times as usual starting on Saturday 19th September.
I have been down to the pool today and they  are catching the fish ready for transport

06 October 2015
The annual Christmas lunch will be held at Bodenham Arboretum on the 4th Febuary 2016 at 1pm please contact Ken or Ivan for details.
The dredgers have arrived at the pool and will commence shortly

Some Photos of the rubbish removed and the men catching the fish


30th August 2015
An update on the Park renovations.
We have been informed that the work on the lake will commence in early September and that the lake will be closed off until April next year. There is a meeting to be held by the planning people for the local residents and the Boat Club ( we hope ) on the 11th to discuss there plan of work and how we will all be affected.
The committee is trying to locate another to use short term without having to travel long distances. If anyone knows of one please contact us.
We will continue to keep you informed.
We might know more by the September meeting on the 16th please attend.

27th December 2014
The club has had another successful year again gaining new members. Next year 2015 the park is going to have major improvements carried out in all areas with work on the Pool being carried out starting in September through to the end of the year, It is not known how this will affect sailing yet we will keep members informed when anything is known. Details can be found here

16th October 2014
The Annual Club meal will be held on Febuary 3rd 2015 at the Island Pool this year please contact Ken Bailey for full details